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Advisory Solutions

Asset allocation, the foundation for long-term investing

Asset allocation1 creates a consistent investment structure to help you stay focused on long-term goals through turbulent market cycles. In addition to helping maintain a portfolio that matches your appetite for risk, this strategy can help diversify your portfolio across asset classes and markets as well as support a consistent, disciplined approach to investing. We believe that employing proper asset allocation is the key to a long-term investment strategy, which is why we offer a variety of exclusive, customized asset allocation solutions.

An investment plan as unique as your needs

Financial professionals2 from East West Financial Securities (UAE) Inc.3 can help you to develop a custom asset allocation strategy by taking the time to understand your risk tolerance, time horizon, financial goals, liquidity needs and other relevant factors. Our first priority is to follow an investment strategy with which you are comfortable.

Asset allocation solutions to potentially enhance your portfolio

Because we place a strong emphasis on proper asset allocation, we're pleased to make a wide variety of East West Financial asset allocation solutions available to our clients. Please consider this information for educational purposes only. Please schedule a review with a financial professional to receive recommendations that may be suitable for you or in your best interest based on various personalized factors.

East West Financial Spectrum4 provides flexibility for a wide variety of investment styles through an open architecture asset allocation program:

  • Five asset allocation models. Models offer allocations to equity and fixed income mutual funds, money market funds and ETFs (exchange traded funds)
  • Assistance from your financial professional to evaluate allocation models that align with your tolerance for risk
  • Periodic evaluation of client accounts against their selected target model to determine if rebalancing is recommended
  • A minimum initial investment of AED25,000


Form ADV Part 2 and the Customer Relationship Summary ("Form CRS" or "ADV Part 3") act as disclosure documents for clients of the business and includes information such as advisory services offered, the firm's fee schedule, whether the firm acts as a broker-dealer and transacts securities, disciplinary information, and conflicts of interest. This information should be read carefully and if you have any questions please reach out to your financial professional.


Our Managed Portfolio Account4 offers a comprehensive, personalized, and highly-diversified solution for our clients with substantial assets:

  • Guidance from a financial professional, who will work with you to customize an investment portfolio using asset allocation techniques and relying upon the expertise of leading portfolio managers
  • Access to carefully researched mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and ETFs (exchange traded funds) to develop the most appropriate asset allocation for you
  • Ownership of the securities purchased for your account, which can help you manage the tax implications of your investments
  • A long-term investment approach, with ongoing support through various market environments and the evolution of your financial goals
  • A minimum investment of AED250,000