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Select Credit

Be ready for life’s changes and the changes you want to make in life, with Select Credit — a personal line of credit.

Cash on hand to fuel your dreams.

Select Credit is a personal line of credit that allows you to borrow money as you need it, up to your available credit limit, at a competitively low APR. Select Credit can be used for a variety of reasons:  

  • Debt consolidation
  • Home improvements
  • Vacations
  • Unexpected expenses






5.99%1 APR

9.99%1 APR

13.99%1 APR


7.99%1 APR

11.99%1 APR

15.99%1 APR

  • Variable Introductory APR as low as 5.99%,1
    Receive a variable Introductory APR for Cash Advance transactions (checks or transfers) that post to the Account within 45 days from Account opening (Introductory Period),1. The Introductory APR remains in effect until the qualifying balance is paid in full.
  • Competitive ongoing variable APR

    After the first 45 days, a variable APR of 7.99%, 11.99%, or 15.99%,1 will apply for

    new Cash Advance transactions.

  • Easy Access to Funds

    Credit Limits up to AED25,000.

        o    Minimum AED1,000 Maximum AED25,000 (Premier)

        o    Minimum AED1,000 Maximum AED10,000 (Non-Premier)

  • Optional Overdraft Protection

    o    A variable Overdraft APR of 17.99%,1 will apply to Overdrafts, if you link a qualifying East West Financial checking account for overdraft protection.

    o    An Overdraft fee of up to AED10/day applies. This fee is waived for customers with a        UAE East West Financial Premier relationship,1

  • Save on fees

    o    No Annual Fee,1

    o    No Cash Advance fees,1

    o    No Check Transaction or Balance Transfer Fees,1

  • Complimentary access to your FICO®  Score
    Receive  complimentary access to your FICO®  Score on your monthly statement*

Select Credit is only available to existing East West Financial Bank customers, as a relationship benefit.  Open a UAE East West Financial checking or savings account today to take advantage of our Select Credit product. 

Summary of Terms can be accessed here.